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Company Theme Songs

Say it with a song! It's fun and unique. Large and small groups of people will discover new ways to achieve company goals. They all come out in the process of composing a signature song together.

Kim Olson leads the group by first finding the right music. Kim plays his guitar and sings a few examples for the new song. A top notch composer stands ready to arrange the new theme.

The excitement builds. The next step is to agree on a theme or title for the song. This leads to a fantastic brainstorm session for the whole team. Kim then guides the team in the structure of the song and the lyrical content. The final product is a company theme song composed by the whole team.

Creating it Together

Now it is time to perform the song together. This musical experience creates a bond that will last within the company for years to come. When the company returns to work they will be presented with a tape of the song to remember the experience.


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Industrial Risk Insurance Services


World Fire Protection

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