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How many high-priced training seminars have you attended only to forget the information before you left the building? Conversely, how many times have you heard a song in the car and had the tune bouncing around in your head for days or even weeks?

From Madison Avenue to Motown, music has long been recognized as the most effective way to convey information that you want remembered. Children learn their A, B, C’s through music and the most successful television commercials are based on easily remembered jingles.

Kim Olson, a noted corporate communications expert and songwriter, has developed a two-part program to maximize your company’s communications both within the company and in the public eye.

For internal enhancement Kim Olson offers a participatory workshop that utilizes music to:

  • Convey company values and highlight key product information
  • Enhance workforce creativity and sales ability
  • Maximize communications and team morale

By participating in Kim Olson’s workshop, team members will have a better understanding of the company’s goals and products. They will develop working team relationships with co-workers and will be excited about sharing their knowledge with others.

For customer and public presentations, Kim Olson creates custom musical versions of your company’s Mission Statement or Product Introduction.

Benefits include:

  • Projecting a positive corporate image to the public and to your clients
  • Create name recognition
  • Highlight product features and benefits

Through the use of a musical Mission Statement or Product Introduction, you will project Instant Company Name Recognition and Memorable Product Highlights.

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