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Kim Olson is a versatile entertainer who will add a unique touch to any event! He circulates throughout the crowd; with guitar in hand, the instant songmaker approaches groups of people and instantly composes songs about anyone and everyone. A few quick questions, an article of clothing, a humorous remark, all can be used to spark a song.

Kim Olson brings people together, sets a mood, and gets a special event off to a running start. At the appropriate moment, Kim presents the final touch: a full length song, composed ahead of time, is performed for the entire party. The song can be a surprise, something for an organization, a family, the honoree, the Board of Directors, obviously anything or anyone ... Kim meets with "people in the know" to gather information prior to the event. His song is written, checked by the host, then revised as necessary, with the final result being a hysterical and engaging cap to a great evening.

"Your wit and spontaneity during our recent sales meeting were fabulous! In the future, we intend to use you with both our own personnel and clients."

C. David Batalsky
Vice President Special Events
Showtime Networks Inc.

"Kim is definitely a star here as part of the Magic Kingdom. We have also flown him to other special events and he has made them a success. He is wonderful!"

Donna Sue Davis
Director of Sales
Disneyland Resorts

"Kim Olson is a true talent. He is a great singer and songwriter who can think on his feet. Kim has mastered the art of entertaining any audience. More important, Kim has a great heart. He has helped raise millions of dollars for handicapped and underprivileged children."

Stanley J. Reynolds
Variety Club International
You have to experience Kim Olson's quick wit, engaging charm and showmanship for yourself, then you'll want to have an event to share him with your guests. As a special gift, CD's, MP3’s or HD video can be made of Kim's performance to be sent to friends and business associates, or presented after the party, to an honoree. You can ask Kim to “customize” his performance for your event.

Kim has performed at the Disneyland Resort for over 20 years. During that time he has entertained around the USA for Showtime Networks, Unysis, Kodak, Arby’s, McDonalds, Coors Lite, and hundreds of International Corporations. Kim was also nominated for the "Best Musical Score" for an Internet short film.

He is a favorite with Event Planners, Destination Management Companies, and Party Planners. In 2009 Kim was designated the prestigious title of Celebrity Ambassador for Variety the Children’s Charity.

Variety Children's Charity

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